[This week’s Ask Monty coming soon!]

October 24. 18 Do horses grieve?

October 17. 18 Is non-violence important in horse training?

October 10. 18 Are you using your body language correctly?

October 3. 18 What advice do you have for others who would like to help horses?

September 26. 18 What is your most memorable Join-Up experience?

September 19. 18 How can we use Join-Up with people and other species?

September 12. 18 Is non-violence important in horse training?

September 5. 18 What is the best way to deal with separation anxiety?

August 29. 18 What are the horse’s vulnerable areas?

August 22. 18 Does your horse behave like a horse?

August 15. 18 Does your horse run back to the barn?

August 8. 18 Will Join-Up work with donkeys or mules?

August 1. 18 Can Monty help my horse?

July 25. 18 How do you send your horse away?

July 18. 18 Is your horse afraid?

July 11. 18 Why does your horse pin his ears in the stable?

July 4. 18 What are you doing with your life and future?

June 27. 18 What do you do if your horse bolts?

June 20. 18 How do you prepare your horse for veterinary care?

June 13. 18 Is it disrespectful for the horse to turn away from you in the round pen?

June 6. 18 Would a horse choose you as a friend?

May 30. 18 Having trouble loading your horse?

May 23. 18 Do you do Join-Up with mules?

May 16. 18 Are you objective about your horse’s behavior?

May 9. 18 Does your horse enjoy his work?

May 2. 18 Six things about life I wish I could travel back in time and tell myself.

April 25.18 Does Join-Up help create trust with your horse?

April 18.18 Does your significant other love horses too?

April 11.18 Why do some horses shake their heads while being ridden?

April 4.18 Is your horse good for the farrier?

March 28.18 Do you think it is beneficial to ride bareback?

March 21.18 How do you cause a horse to respect you?

March 14.18 How do you keep horses entertained?

March 7.18 Are you a good student of your horse?

February 28.18 How can Join-Up help a racehorse?

February 21.18 Monty’s tips on moving beyond scary experiences

February 14.18 Can you teach an old horse new tricks?

February 7.18 How do you fix a pullback horse?

January 31.18 How do you raise a foal?

January 24.18 Does your horse need company?

January 17.18 Does your horse enjoy being with you?

January 10.18 Why do some horses refuse to move forward?

January 03.18 Do you canter freely and fearlessly?