December 27.17 Are you ready to partner up with your horse?

December 20.17 Does your horse have good trail manners?

December 13.17 Can a horse love a human?

December 6.17 How are you influencing children?

November 29.17 What are you feeding your horse?

November 22.17 What can we learn from horses?

November 15.17 What can you learn from a demonstration?

November 8.17 Are all horses similar in character?

November 1.17 Why are horses such good therapists?

October 25.17 Have you seen Doc Martin’s horse Ronnie?

October 18.17 Can horses open a path to spirituality?

October 11.17 How to ride with a Dually Halter

October 4.17 Where can you learn how to drive a horse?

September 27.17 How do you make horses get along?

September 20.17 What can you do when you’re afraid?

September 13.17 Does the moon influence your horse’s learning?

September 6.17 Is your horse aggressive when you girth up?

August 30.17 Does your horse pull you around?

August 23.17 What kind of bit do you use?

August 16.17 Does it matter what words you use with your horse?

August 9.17 How do you care for your horse’s feet?

August 2.17 How can I get my horse to move forward?

July 19.17 Why does my horse kick at feeding time?

July 19.17 What’s left for you for the future?

July 12.17 How do you develop trust with horses?

July 5.17 Do horses think?

June 28.17 Should you separate twin foals?

June 21.17 Are you preparing your horse for the trail?

June 14.17 Is your horse bossy?

June 7.17 How critical are the signs for Join-Up?

May 31.17 How do you stop a horse from biting you?

May 24.17 Would you choose to put a horse down for a remedial problem?

May 17.17 How do you control a racehorse?

May 10.17 Do you want to be a horse trainer?

May 3.17 Is human ignorance causing your horse’s problems?

Apr 26.17 How do you make a bolting horse safe to ride?

Apr 19.17 How do you train a horse to yield to rein pressure?

Apr 12.17 How do you teach a horse to stand still?

Apr 5.17 What is natural horsemanship?

Mar 29.17 Why do horses respond to a sound cue for stopping?

Mar 22.17 Is your horse aggressive at feeding time?

Mar 15.17 Why does my horse bite?

Mar 8.17 Why doesn’t my horse load up?

Mar 1.17 Are you riding a spooky horse?

Feb 22.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: Does your horse chew on reins or slobber straps?

Feb 15.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: How do you deal with an aggressive horse?

Feb 8.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: How can horses help people?

Feb 1.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: This is an extraordinary situation

Jan 25.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: Is it fear or stubbornness?

Jan 18.17 Ask Monty Newsletter: Why single line lunging is bad for your horse?

Jan 11.17 Why does your horse yawn after a training session?

Jan 4.17 Can you do Join-Up with a donkey?