How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier


Question: My young horse, who is 10 months old, needs farrier attention yet it seems to me that he is too young for Join-Up. What steps should I take before bringing in my farrier? Kerry Milford Monty’s Answer: Thank you for your timely question. This week we have added a sixth farrier lesson to my [...]

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier2013-02-26T14:42:16-07:00

What’s best for your horse’s feet?


There are so many opinions on what's best for the horse's hoof in magazines and from vets, farriers, clinicians and trainers. Whom do you believe? To settle differences in opinions, Ada Gates proposes a safe, measurable, efficient and consistent way to look at the hoof together and establish a scientific process of assessing the needs [...]

What’s best for your horse’s feet?2013-02-14T11:47:59-07:00