Monty Roberts Recognized for Several Equine Media Awards


The latest announcement came from one of the oldest, most traditional equestrian programs on earth, The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria. Monty Roberts is being asked to attend and demonstrate his gentle horse training techniques Join-Up® for the international Equinale® Horse Film Festival at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna July 2, 2017. Their [...]

Monty Roberts Recognized for Several Equine Media Awards2019-05-22T14:52:18-07:00

The World’s Best Animal Advocate


On the 24th of June, 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded several persons recommended by Monty Roberts certificates for their pioneering efforts to encourage violence-free training using Join-Up® concepts. The Queen awarded signed certificates to acknowledge these persons for their extraordinary efforts to eliminate violence in the training of horses, followed by their country's [...]

The World’s Best Animal Advocate2012-06-27T16:49:11-07:00