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Monty Roberts Willing Partners™: Sugar Daddy


  “Sugardaddy” is a 2009 grey gelding 15.2hh. This horse is an intelligent partner with a generous and sweet nature. His smooth gaits make him a pleasure to ride. Can be ridden Western or English. Watch Sugardaddy perform Western dry work and over challenging obstacles: Watch Sugardaddy being ridden English, and being trained to pull [...]

Monty Roberts Willing Partners™: Sugar Daddy2013-08-22T06:17:08-07:00

How sensitive is your horse?


Question: My horse is very sensitive in the flank and the stifle area. When I am grooming her, she seems to get very angry. She puts her ears back and even acts as though she would kick me. When I brush or touch her in the area of the flank or the stifle, she moves [...]

How sensitive is your horse?2013-06-18T22:01:30-07:00

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier


Question: My young horse, who is 10 months old, needs farrier attention yet it seems to me that he is too young for Join-Up. What steps should I take before bringing in my farrier? Kerry Milford Monty’s Answer: Thank you for your timely question. This week we have added a sixth farrier lesson to my [...]

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier2013-02-26T14:42:16-07:00

Ask Monty!


Monty's latest Question and Answer: Which qualities should a person have if they would like to work with horses? For Monty's answer, go to his blog at:

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