Celebrating the major watershed of passing 160 fully interactive video lessons and challenges, Monty Roberts has unveiled hot updates to his incredible Equus Online University  – now every student can achieve gorgeous certificates of participation and medals, rewarding their ongoing dedication to learning.

Now, if you are a student who passes the 100 and 150 lessons mark – completing and passing your Monty’s challenges with 100 percent pass rates – you will be able to print off unique customised certificates of participation. These achievements won’t just hang on your wall, however, in the age of Social Media you can now automatically have your incredible achievements as a student in the Uni posted on Facebook and Twitter!

Gorgeously crafted virtual medals will show all who know you that you have excelled as a student of the non-violent methods of Equus, displayed on Facebook, Twitter, and in your own Record of Achievement Timeline within the University itself.

Alongside your username and photo, your medals will also be displayed, so that everyone in Monty’s Equus Online Uni forum will know just how dedicated and successful you are.

Soon, those who achieve these rates of success will also find exclusive offers for one-on-one interaction, special webinars and unique lessons .

If you are one of Monty’s “100’ers” or even a “150’er”, many congratulations! Just login to the University and generate your certificates and see your shiny new medals. Well done! If you are new to Monty’s Equus Online University and want to find out about the hottest, easiest, most interactive and affordable way to learn Monty’s methods, take a look at this amazing information page: http://www.montyrobertsuniversity.com/about-the-uni

Want to try it for yourself? Well now you can! Use Monty’s new promo code today, and find out for yourself just how amazing the Uni is! The promo codeword to unlock the first two lessons of every subject in the Uni, for a whole week, is “medals”. Register here to try it out: http://www.montyrobertsuniversity.com/registrations/new