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Monty Roberts Corporate Training Events


Preparing for More Effective Presentations Using... Horse Training?   By Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks We were lucky to be invited recently to a Huey Lewis concert, and then to go meet Mr. Lewis back stage prior to the show. We went to the show with Pat and Monty Roberts. When we got to [...]

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Monty’s Buck Stopper


To order Monty's Buck Stopper Kit, please call Monty's office: +1-805-688-6288 or email: This kit cannot be purchased online. If you cannot see this video you will need QuickTime player installed - click here for QuickTime

Monty’s Buck Stopper2013-05-20T17:40:00-07:00

Why Horses Need Trees


Question:   Should I keep my horse off the sand to avoid colic? Monty's Answer:     This is an important topic that I will need to answer in two parts: July 25 and August 1. Virtually every equine veterinarian will agree that horses that ingest even moderate amounts of sand are negatively impacted. Sand in the [...]

Why Horses Need Trees2013-05-03T11:45:18-07:00
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