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Monty Roberts Certified Instructors


“My greatest accomplishment was learning to be gentle; without that I feel I would have achieved nothing.” ~ Monty Roberts

Elisabeth grew up on a farm and was always surrounded by animals. Born with a passion for horses, she started riding and got her first horse when she was nine years old. Soon she discovered that the traditional way of handling, training and riding horses was nothing she wanted to be a part of. When she was 13 she read about Monty Roberts and since then she wanted to learn his methods and become one of his Instructors.

She went to a college for agriculture and nutritional science and was working in the chamber of agriculture in Austria for a few years before she finally decided to quit her job and to fulfill her dream to become a Monty Roberts Instructor.

Elisabeth started her education at Monty Roberts International Learning Center in 2010 and got her certificate in 2014. In this time, she learned from and worked with Instructors in Germany, England and America.

She is the first MR Instructor in Austria and is looking forward to running Monty Roberts Courses and spreading the word of nonviolent horse training in her country.

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Martina has been working as an adult education trainer for the last 15 years. She has been around horses since the age of 12. Next to her main job she started working with horses and children with special needs. When she first got in touch with Monty’s Book “Horse Sense and Healing“ she was so fascinated about his methods, that she wanted to know more about it.

So in 2008 she went to Monty’s Farm for the first time participating the Introductory Course. Finally, after working with Instructors from Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Germany, USA and Finland she became a certified Monty Roberts Instructor in 2015. She is now teaching Monty’s Methods in Austria. On top of this, Martina also has a qualification as a Horse Assisted Educator® in coaching people supported by horses and is successfully working as Horse Agility Accredited Trainer®.

Her goal is, helping people and horses creating healthy partnerships on a trust-based communication.

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Mimi started riding as a four year old in Germany. When she was seven she moved to Uruguay where she lived on a ranch with many horses. It didn’t take long until she witnessed how horses were ‘broken in.’ Seeing how violently horses were treated, she swore to herself to find a better method and change the way horses were trained.

A couple of years later, she researched Monty Roberts’ work, knowing there was a lot more to learn. In 2014 she went to Flag Is Up Farms to study at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center. After that she was determined to keep working to became an instructor, which she accomplished in May 2018.

Mimi has competed in Show Jumping and Eventing and has worked with untouched horses at a ranch in Uruguay. Now she is studying veterinary medicine in Europe.


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