Imagine a gathering of Monty Roberts Certified Instructors from all over the world coming to Flag Is Up Farms to share their ideas and further their learning. Imagine untouched and wild horses being gentled by some of the best teachers of Join-Up on earth. Imagine riding together at my beautiful, state-of-the-art equine facility in the USA. This dream came true for me and a majority of my instructors last week in Solvang, California. More photos will be coming soon. Next year’s gathering is scheduled for the first weekend in February.

A top-class team of Monty Roberts Certified Instructors is active worldwide. The common goal of these individuals is to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too. If you are in a situation like the owner of Blaze, whose story is outlined below, please contact a Monty Roberts Certified Instructor to discuss the specific courses and instruction they provide. I hope you have great success in your search for a better knowledge of horsemanship through force-free communication, and know that my Instructors will be a valuable tool.

– Monty