Horse Training

The Cowboy and The Queen


  When the British Monarch called on Monty Roberts wishing to learn more, that began a mission that grows today "to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too." Read the full article here:  

The Cowboy and The Queen2016-07-20T10:26:37-07:00

Tough Training Techniques


Correspondence between Monty and Readers of Ask Monty From: Danell Adams to Monty Monty, I rcv your updates on a regular basis and enjoy the stories and information. However, today I received the response to horses not wishing to be caught...and you referenced a Peruvian Horse...a national champion yet...and then you commented: “Thank you. It [...]

Tough Training Techniques2013-07-16T22:30:06-07:00

How sensitive is your horse?


Question: My horse is very sensitive in the flank and the stifle area. When I am grooming her, she seems to get very angry. She puts her ears back and even acts as though she would kick me. When I brush or touch her in the area of the flank or the stifle, she moves [...]

How sensitive is your horse?2013-06-18T22:01:30-07:00

The Starting Gate for Sensitive Racehorses


Thank you very much for your question and I must say that I have been in France having fun with two horses that seemed to go into the starting stalls without any problem. The issue was that each of them refused to leave the starting stall when the gates flew open and the race was [...]

The Starting Gate for Sensitive Racehorses2013-06-05T07:24:40-07:00

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier


Question: My young horse, who is 10 months old, needs farrier attention yet it seems to me that he is too young for Join-Up. What steps should I take before bringing in my farrier? Kerry Milford Monty’s Answer: Thank you for your timely question. This week we have added a sixth farrier lesson to my [...]

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Farrier2013-02-26T14:42:16-07:00

Monty Roberts: Put the needs of the horse first


If a person is going to be successful in the horse world, you have got to decide what you want for yourself. The needs of the horse come before wanting to win championships; wanting to make money; wanting to be successful internally. It is a partnership. Your horse is critical. His needs must be met [...]

Monty Roberts: Put the needs of the horse first2011-11-09T04:36:08-07:00

Richard Winters tests Monty’s Theories


Richard Winters tests Monty Roberts' theory about the natural approach to rollbacks. The informative video lesson is available to members of Equus Online University. What can a horse learn from a guinea hen? Richard Winters finds out in this video lesson on Monty's Equus Online University at

Richard Winters tests Monty’s Theories2011-04-05T00:48:22-07:00

Disenfranchisement of a Phobia by John Calder


Disenfranchisement of a Phobia by John Calder Having spent the last three and a half hours and 198 miles driving on rain-sodden motorways back from Keysoe, Lou and I have had plenty time to reflect on a remarkable show and demo. Everyone was on sparkling form, from all the helpers to the core team, but [...]

Disenfranchisement of a Phobia by John Calder2011-03-02T19:45:14-07:00

When to Begin Training the Young Horse


The decision as to when to begin training with the young horse, including that aspect of training that would involve riding is, in fact, relatively subjective. Until science becomes a good deal more advanced in this area there are only a few benchmarks available to us which are based on objective, proven science. One aspect [...]

When to Begin Training the Young Horse2010-04-29T04:14:26-07:00
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