About Denali

Denali was born at New Mexico Horse Rescue in April 2019, a couple of weeks after her mother, Bryce, was taken in. She has spent several months undergoing gentling and desensitizing in the Monty Roberts’ Mustang & Transition Horse Program.

Denali is sweet and kind-hearted. She is intelligent and inquisitive, and loves attention – whether being groomed, walked or just spending time together. She has been started by Monty with a first saddle and rider but as she is only two, she will need some time to continue growing and developing before she can be ridden. However her solid ground manners training provides a perfect platform to continue building a partnership from the ground up. She will make a wonderful companion, and project horse, for someone with the skills and patience to bring along a young horse.

Denali has come leaps and bounds in her training and can complete almost all of The Right Horse Basic Behaviors: 1) She can be approached when loose in a turnout 2) Stands calmly to be haltered 3) Leads, turns, stops and backs up 4) Can be led through a gate 5) She is learning to ground tie but we haven’t taught her to tie up yet due to her age 6) Moves off hind pressure 7) Stands calmly to be brushed 8) Allows all 4 feet to be picked up 9) Stands calmly for a blanket 10) Stands calmly for oral medication 11) Stands calmly for rectal temperature 12) Stands for fly spray 13) Stands while legs are hosed with water 14) Calmly loads and unloads from trailer.


Name Denali
Location Solvang, CA
Breed Grade
Gender Filly
Age 2
Height 14.2 hh rising
Color Chestnut
Suggested Disciplines Companion, Project Horse until ready for saddle

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Adoption Details

Adoption Fee: $2,500

Denali is ready for her forever home. Could she be your #righthorse?

Adoption Partner: New Mexico Horse Rescue

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