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Join-Up and Lead-Up Reach Vulnerable Youth


Media Contact: Debbie Loucks Monty and Pat Roberts, Inc./Join-Up® International (949) 632-1856   Katie Cunningham Lead-Up International    February 27, 2017 Solvang, California: On February 18, 2017 Lead-Up International officially launched in Solvang, California at Monty and Pat Roberts’ Flag Is Up Farms. Lead-Up International, a program of Monty Roberts’ Join-Up International, brought their [...]

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2017 The Ask Monty eNewsletters


December 27.17 Are you ready to partner up with your horse? December 20.17 Does your horse have good trail manners? December 13.17 Can a horse love a human? December 6.17 How are you influencing children? November 29.17 What are you feeding your horse? November 22.17 What can we learn from horses? November 15.17 What can [...]

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2016 The Ask Monty eNewsletters


Dec 28.16 Where can you get help for a nervous horse? Dec 21.16 Why are some horses afraid of loading in the trailer? Dec 14.16 Is your horse a pet? Dec 7.16 Why do horses yawn? Nov. 30.16 Is it aggression or lack of respect? Nov. 23.16 Why does my mini horse avoid eye contact? [...]

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2015 The Ask Monty eNewsletters


Dec. 30.15 Is there anything about horses that's a mystery to you? Dec. 23.15 If you could turn back time, what one thing would you change? Dec. 16.15 How do you deal with a tricky horse owner? Dec. 9.15 What would you like to change in the world of horses? Dec. 2.15 What advice would [...]

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2014 The Ask Monty eNewsletters


December 31.14 Can the memory of pain continue to affect a horse's behavior? December 24.14 Are you afraid of riding your horse? December 17.14 Have you ever met a troubled pony? December 10.14 Is it good or bad to let a horse graze in hand? December 3.14 Is it okay to let my horse rub [...]

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2013 The Ask Monty eNewsletters


Dec 25.13 Join-Up with young horses that are trusting Dec 18.13 Learning breathing techniques Dec 11.13 Standing still for veterinary procedures Dec 4.13 How to establish good manners Nov 27.13 Harsh Equipment Nov 20.13 Starting over with horses Nov 13.13 The Joys of Working with Horses Nov 6.13 Horses are hard work but worth it [...]

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