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Online Maintenance


We'll Be Back to Join-Up with You in a Jiffy! We are working at breakneck speed to update our website and offer you a better experience. If you’d like to place an order, or just want some help, please call our team at the Farm. We'll help you find what you're looking for. Or if [...]

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Did you know that Monty is on Facebook?


Visit him there: and you will find photos, videos, news, special discounts, stories about Monty's travels and the horses he works with... and what's more, you can connect with other horse lovers who want to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too! See you there!      

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Tom Durocher: Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, Canada


By Carole Herder, President of Cavallo Horse & Rider Riding, singing and drumming to the joy that is his life, Tom Durocher hails from the small Fishing Lake Metis Settlement of Northeast Alberta, Canada. He can’t remember ever NOT being around horses and he takes pride in his natural upbringing and lifestyle. Traditional ceremonies and [...]

Tom Durocher: Monty Roberts Certified Instructor, Canada2014-05-13T14:16:28-07:00
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