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Monty’s Spring Night of Inspiration and Workshop


The Corporate Learning Institute Partners Up with Monty Roberts for Workshops in Personal and Professional Development in Solvang, California March 18, 2014 Solvang, California: Founded in 1992, The Corporate Learning Institute (CLI) of Wheaton, Illinois has been a leading provider of effective management consultation and active experiential learning services. CLI offers leadership development training workshops; instructional design [...]

Monty’s Spring Night of Inspiration and Workshop2014-03-18T17:03:59-07:00

Episode 12: Cowgirl Hall of Famer and the Stolen Horses Story


Debi Metcalfe talks about why she started Stolen Horse International and what to do and not do in the event your equine partner goes missing . Audrey O'Brien Griffen is a Hall of Famer with an amazing story of leaving home as a teenager to perform Roman Riding with legends like Casey Tibbs and still ropes and [...]

Episode 12: Cowgirl Hall of Famer and the Stolen Horses Story2014-03-15T11:26:35-07:00

Carlos Gracida [1960-2014]


It was a devastating message that came through to me last week. The loss of Carlos Gracida was certainly unexpected and weighs heavy on me under the circumstances of our relationship and all that he meant to the horses we love.     Carlos Gracida was a dedicated athlete able to rise to number one [...]

Carlos Gracida [1960-2014]2014-03-03T13:34:42-07:00

Episode 11: The Roundtable, 300 Years of Horsemanship


An unbelievable roundtable discussing horsemanship today with Monty Roberts, Eitan Beth-Alchemy, Richard Winters, Dr. Robert Miller and Tom Spalding.  Plus, hear all about Light Hands Horsemanship and Monty explains ritualistic habituation.  Listen in... Horsemanship Radio Episode 11 Horsemanship Radio Episode 11 by Index Fund Advisors     Show Host: Debbie Loucks Photo Credit:  Light Hands [...]

Episode 11: The Roundtable, 300 Years of Horsemanship2014-03-01T11:24:44-07:00
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