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Tough Training Techniques


Correspondence between Monty and Readers of Ask Monty From: Danell Adams to Monty Monty, I rcv your updates on a regular basis and enjoy the stories and information. However, today I received the response to horses not wishing to be caught...and you referenced a Peruvian Horse...a national champion yet...and then you commented: “Thank you. It [...]

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Helping Employees Turn Their Performance Around


by Dr. Susan Cain and Debbie Roberts-Loucks Recently, we received an interesting request for information. The sender, a human resources professional, saw a correlation between what Monty does in the round pen with horses to inspire trust and motivation and how it can impact the workplace. Click here to download further information about the retreats [...]

Helping Employees Turn Their Performance Around2013-07-08T18:31:36-07:00
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