Monthly Archives: April 2011

Richard Winters tests Monty’s Theories


Richard Winters tests Monty Roberts' theory about the natural approach to rollbacks. The informative video lesson is available to members of Equus Online University. What can a horse learn from a guinea hen? Richard Winters finds out in this video lesson on Monty's Equus Online University at

Richard Winters tests Monty’s Theories2011-04-05T00:48:22-07:00

Monty and Angélica star on Brazil’s TV show Estrela


Monty and Angélica star on Brazil's TV show Estrela this Saturday with actor Murilo Rosa who plays a Horse Whisperer on Globo TV. The program has the largest audience of viewers in the nation. Monty and Murilo had alot of fun doing a Join-Up in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Monty and Angélica star on Brazil’s TV show Estrela2011-04-05T00:46:59-07:00
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